Today Market

  • Microsoft Corporation 64.56 (+0.31%)
  • Apple Inc. 136.71 (-0.29%)
  • TASMAN METALS LTD COM NPV 0.205 (+0.000%)
  • Blackrock New York Municipal In 13.10 (+0.08%)


Tesla's market value will soon pass 114-year-old Ford.

Facebook’s founder and CEO has some serious ambitions going on.

The mega tech company is in good shape at the start of the year.

The French politician Marine Le Pen is making investors very nervous. 

Not only China, Apple is expanding its manufacturing.


Some U.K. leaders does not want to see Trump visiting.

"A nation without borders is not a nation" says Donald Trump.

Soon, internet users in China will find it very hard to log into Facebook.

Samsung blames batteries for Galaxy Note 7 fires.

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the air right now.

The majority of Americans say they will miss president Obama. 

Are we about to see movies and TV shows made by Apple?


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