Trading commodities and raw materials through binary options

Goods and raw materials such as petroleum products, natural gas, precious and base metals, are a terrific tool for togrovli binary options. Goods and raw materials, as a separate asset class, are quite volatile instrument. That is why, the cost varies greatly from hour to hour, from day to day. However, the volatility, the trade of goods and raw materials, can be an advantage for which you can get a considerable profit.

Historical volatility of most commodities, close to the mark of 30%. This means that within a year, the price of a basic commodity instrument can be changed to 30%. Sometimes, depending on the situation on the wound, this percentage can be much higher. After reviewing the data in the table below, which is a graph of the historical volatility and implied volatility of the U.S. Oil Fund (USO), the market traded crude oil fund (ETF), the implied volatility is 5% more than the historical volatility. From this we can conclude that at market assumptions can be assumed that the price of heavy oil will change to 35% for the year.

Each product there are a number of items that he gains for the week, or a year, which represents a tremendous opportunity for trade.

Crude oil

For petroleum (crude oil), according to a weekly report on the status, inventory, published by the U.S. Department of Energy, is the report of trade volatility in the energy markets. This report is published weekly on Wednesdays at 14:30 (GMT). It can be found either on the official website of the U.S. Department of Energy, or on the news web-sites, as well as reports on the status and movement of stocks of crude oil, gasoline, heating oil and domestic, as well as less significant oil. The projections, collected from different studies, in which the views of analysts on the data that will be listed in the inventory report. In general, the report shows a status and movement of stocks in the form of a report on the total funds held in different regions of the United States. For the consideration of the factors of production of crude oil, the most important regions of America are inventories in the region Padd 2 and Cushing, Oklahoma. The region undergoing evaluation contract for unprocessed crude oil WTI NYMEX, and, for this reason, the region is of particular importance in the preparation of the report. For gasoline and heating oil use, Padd 1 region, located in the north-eastern United States, and therefore reports its inventory, becoming the most significant. The region under evaluation contracts for gasoline and heating oil use. In addition, the Department of Energy publishes reports on demand for imports of all types of products.

A well-informed trader can use binary options volatility, which creates the publication of reports of the Ministry of Energy in order to create the most profitable deals. Options such as "hit" or "miss", as well as options "call" and "put" with interest payments to investors may be the key to profitable trading.

Natural gas

Just as in the case of oil, the U.S. natural gas market is very volatile. To him, also published a report on the status and inventory of the Ministry of Energy, on Thursday at 14:30 (GMT). Report on the status and inventory indicates how much natural gas reserves left in the three major reservoirs of the country. A trader can use the volatility of the product when buying binary options "above" (call) or "below" (put), and to use a range of options (scatter) "hit" or "miss." In addition, you can also use options "One Touch» (one-touch), which can lead to quite interesting results of trades, if you buy them right before the publication of a report on the inventory, as for changes in the market, after the release of this report is also characterized by a considerable volatility.


Copper is an industrial metal, the value of which is usually dependent on the growth prospects of the price of these goods around the world. The global economy is expanding, increasing the cost of production and, therefore, raise the price of copper. In case, if the economic status of the country falls, and with it the level of building size is reduced, and for them, respectively, are also falling and the price of copper. Taking this into account, binary options traders may prefer to take advantage of international reports on manufacturing purchasing managers in planning the acquisition of certain binary options. You can also take into account the reports of the GDP, the country of interest, after they are published. Purchasing managers, publish reports on the U.S., the Eurozone, the UK, China and Canada (among others).

Precious metals

Gold and silver has historically traded as a commodity product, and as a means of currency. As for gold, and of silver, there are yield curves at rates reflecting their long-term profiling. Just as in the case of currencies, to assess this commodity and raw materials used forward point, allowing to create the forward curve. Potential inflation, as well as periods of high liquidity and generally are successful period for the receipt of the profits on gold and silver. But beyond that, this product is also used for trade in industrial markets. Gold and silver are suitable for technical trading, and can be used for trading binary options during technical breakthroughs.

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