These 20 desserts from all around the globe will make you crave for some sugar. 

Don’t believe us? Just scroll down and see for yourself.

Oh, and you may want to Google some recipes after viewing this article...



1. Canada: Nanaimo bar



2. America: Apple pie



3. Argentina: Pastelitos



4. Australia: Lamingtons



5. Austria: Sachertorte



6. Turkey: Baklava



7. Belgium: Belgian waffle



8. Brazil: Brigadeiros



9. China: Dragon beard candy



10. Egypt: Om ali



11. England: Banoffee pie 



12. France: Crème brûlée



13. Germany: Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest cherry torte)



14. Iceland: Skyr



15. India: Gulab jamun



16. Indonesia: Dadar gulung



17. Italy: Gelato



 18. Japan: Mochi



19. Peru: Picarones



20. Poland: Makowiec




Author: Roger Gain
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